At home stroke rehabilitation system (2008)

  • Fully automatic system with touch and force sensitive cones
  • Optical motion capture system using two Wii remotes as low cost wireless cameras
  • Audio feedback from Max/MSP on an embedded Mac Mini
  • Runner up for best student paper at IEEE International Virtual Rehabilitation conference, 2008

Ultrasonic bat goggles for children (2009)

  • Ultrasonic sensors convert distance to sound for an embodied experience of ultrasonic range finding
  • Featured on Gizmodo, Engadget, Instructables, MAKE blogs
  • Second place winner of Instructables Robogames contest
  • 53,000 views on Instructables and 38,000 views on YouTube
  • Project webpage

Stroke rehabilitation assessment device (2008)

  • Records reaction/reaching times while pushing lighted buttons
  • Data stored locally on an SD card or broadcast using WIFI
  • Audio feedback from Max/MSP
  • Presented at IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, 2008
  • Over 13 stroke survivors used this device in a clinical study at Banner Baywood Medical Center, Mesa, AZ

Electronically assisted walker for the elderly (2007)

  • Walker with touch sensitive controls for electronically actuated brakes
  • Design led to a patent (2010)
  • Featured in several magazines/blogs